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How do designers do it?

You open up Photoshop or Sketch and stare at the blank page. You try making a few rectangles or random shapes but they look weird. Then you compare what you just made with all the amazing work on Dribbble and get bummed out.

You’ll never be able to create stuff like that!

It’s exhausting. And what do you have to show for all your effort? Nothing. You’d gladly start again from scratch if only you knew where that was.

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What if you had a step by step framework that you could follow so you always knew where you were in the design process?

Well I created such a framework and I call it 'Design by Numbers'. Sign up below and for the next 10 days I'll send you emails about how I used the Design by Numbers framework to design this:

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If you’ve been looking for a better way to learn web design, this is it.

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